The purpose of the European Kennel Club (EKC) is to provide an opportunity for dogs from all registries to compete against each other in conformation and in a variety of working disciplines. Previously this was not available to the dog community. Specific registries sanction shows restricted to dogs registered with them. Although dual registering of dogs can overcome this to a degree, it does not provide for open competition among all breeds at a single show. The EKC will provide a means by which the best dog will win without prejudice or discrimination due to registry affiliation.

The EKC firmly believes that the time has come for all dog owners, breeders, clubs, associations, and registries to work together in a combined effort in promoting their breed. Through our teamwork and cooperation, we feel the breeds will benefit.

The EKC is an organization dedicated to the betterment of any breed while promoting cooperation and comradery between the owners and breeders.

The EKC Officers will (help)prepare the breed standard. The EKC breed standard will reflect a compilation of the existing standards.

The EKC Officers will select and certify only knowledgeable and dedicated judges, specialized for each breed. However, these judges may and will often be associated with one or more of the parent registries. We will require these judges to be objective and judge without prejudice relative to their registry affiliation. EKC judges must be familiar with the EKC breed standard and use only this standard in making their evaluations and decisions at EKC events.

The EKC provides a scoring system for conformation events. This scoring system will be used at all EKC events and will allow for ease of compilation and tracking of points earned by all entries.

The format, rules, and regulations for EKC events, for the most part, will be the responsibility of the hosting group. The EKC will help in the organization of the event, give strong support in advertising, track the points earned by dogs in any event, post these results in a timely fashion, and ultimately award official certificates. The EKC will not become involved or interfere with the hosting group to the point of mandating unique aspects of the show.

The EKC will provide and maintain an Internet web site dedicated to featuring dogs that have earned their conformation and/or working titles at EKC events. The EKC Website will also feature upcoming EKC events and a continuously updated score sheet for points earned by all entries.

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