The European Kennel Club (EKC) will operate to help dog owners register their dog. The EKC will be fair and impartial to all breeders, dog owners, and breed they represent. With the EKC this breed may be shown with equal status as well as the major breeds. The EKC will help organise and sanction shows.

In order for the EKC to be successful it must have credibility and respect in the eyes of its customers, Therefore we will offer a valuable service at a fair price, delivering accurate pedigrees and registration certificates and maintaining and developing the pedigree database, a list of earned points for American Bulldogs, American Bully, French Bulldogs and Old English Bulldogs, keeping a roster of fair, honest and reliable judges, training new judges, and sanctioning conformation shows hosted by individuals and clubs that have the same standards.

EKC Champions will be featured with their own page on the EKC website including pictures, accomplishments and contact information for their owners.

NOTE: The EKC staff does its best to prepare your paperwork within 3 to 5 business days of its receipt and payment. However, if your paperwork was not filled out properly, it may be delayed by a few days. As a rule, approximately 95% of all EKC documents are prepared within this time limit. Therefore, if you do not receive your EKC document(s) within a 3-week period, starting from the time you mailed your letter, you need to call the European Kennel Club in regards to its status.

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